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  1. says at 26 May, 2018 13:17 #

    Top girl!

  2. says at 26 May, 2018 13:11 #

    She's stunning

  3. says at 26 May, 2018 12:00 #

    Lovely girl as ever

  4. says at 26 May, 2018 11:59 #


  5. john smith says at 26 May, 2018 09:17 #

    simply stunning you are a beautiful young woman

  6. says at 26 May, 2018 08:33 #

    So achingly pretty

  7. says at 26 May, 2018 08:33 #


  8. caputscinosexweb says at 26 May, 2018 07:35 #

    Happy Summer Time and kisses

  9. caputscinosexweb says at 26 May, 2018 07:35 #

    Happy Summer Time and kisses

  10. caputscinosexweb says at 26 May, 2018 07:27 #

    Happy Summer Time and kisses

  11. caputscinosexweb says at 26 May, 2018 07:26 #

    Happy Summer Time and kisses

  12. caputscinosexweb says at 26 May, 2018 07:25 #

    Happy Summer Time and kisses

  13. Anonymous says at 26 May, 2018 03:49 #

    Now that pussy needs a good licking and stuffing

  14. Dick spit says at 26 May, 2018 01:14 #

    What a beautiful smile.

  15. says at 26 May, 2018 00:20 #

    Have you ever been to any of those countries you stupid tiny dicked moron? My uncle was the Chief Operations Officer for one of your stupid American oil companies Occidental in Syria for 21 years. He lived in Syria and he kept asking me to come and work out there on consultancy projects. His wife loved it. As Roman Catholics they never had any problems. The people were happy, well fed, free healthcare, free education and there were no homeless....then the Evil Emoire started trying to seize control of the oil. Just like Israel did in the Golan Heights. Between them and NATO( = North American Terrorist Organisation) they destroyed 4,000 years of world heritage, not just a crime, but a crime against all humanity. They did the same in Libya, in Yugoslavia, and in the Korean War and all over Asia. Only Russia and China can stop the lust for killing, greed for money and perverse lies of this great evil. I lived through the IRA bombings in the 1970s. They attacked us every week. Funny how all these Moslems can’t even manage an attack a year. Look at the chaos in Ukraine, brought about by Black Banana and Hillary. They’ve destroyed another country where now they can’t even pay pensions. The good old USA voted along with Ukraine and Canada against a UN motion condemning Nazis. Says it all really. Your shitty country shoots it’s own citizens, murders them in cold blood to use as an excuse for murdering innocent babies, women and children in the Middle East. One day very soon the US will be in its knees economically and the majority of the world will cheer. Then we’ll see if they will allow Israel and Saudi Arabia to block food convoys to the starving in the USA.’s coming!!!

  16. says at 25 May, 2018 20:09 #

    Zelda B

  17. Dutch says at 25 May, 2018 18:46 #

    Приятная девушка
    Ей бы,хотя бы,фитнесом заняться,она бы была вобще шикарной

  18. says at 25 May, 2018 15:04 #

    ADMIN....thanks for the great photo sets you’ve posted. You’ve been really busy, well done....and thanks for not deleting the political debate either!

  19. Anonymous says at 25 May, 2018 15:01 #

    All you fuckers are delusional to think that only the USA has corruption in government, when in fact all governments are corrupt. The USA might have a bunch of greedy politicians, but Russia, North Korea, Iran and Syria have terrible human right issues. And the fucking mooslums in Iran wish for death to the west. That’s all you need to know about them fuckers. You all should be gracious the the USA has the best military in the world. Think about if the USA was not in WWII, all you you be under control by the Nazi’s!

  20. says at 25 May, 2018 13:59 #

    Oh and a shag!!

  21. Teach the Morons says at 25 May, 2018 13:57 #

    Dear Bee Keeper, it’s very sad that you needed to leave your country and the reasons you did. Unfortunately, not everyone is as knowledgeable as you or even cares. The problems are about to get a whole lot worse with a puppet President who is out of sync with the real power wielders. For too long America has got away with the most disgusting and outrageous attacks on sovereign countries. It does this by buying influence with literally cases of cash. That currency in the next 3 years is about to be worthless. There’s still time, but telling other countries what to do works when their corrupt governments are agreed, the moment they say “no” like the current steel tariffs and Russian, and Iranian tariffs and sanctions, the US will find itself alone. It’s simple, people outside the USA have access to information suppressed in the US. Look at some of the ridiculous lies going around. Hillary is a liar, murderer and thief, but that’s ok because she says Russia influenced the election. The content of her LEAKED emails matters not, because the whole government bar a few senators is corrupt. The wheels are coming off. America cannot be trusted, as Saddam, Gaddafi and countless others have found out. Look at how the US ditched the Kurds in Syria and ran away when the Turks started cleaning out the Kurds. The problem is now, that overpriced underperforming US military hardware has been found out in Syria. Has no-one wondered how a rag tag army of separatists in Eastern UKRAINE can defeat a national army trained and supplied by the US and UK? You just need to read OSCE reports about Donetsk to see what is really going on. Chaos, discord and devastation is what the US gives to the world and all in the name of corporate profit and greed. It’s a shame that the wonderful principles the US was founded on have been thrown in the bin along with the last vestiges of morals the US government had. Americans deserve better than this. All people in the world will eventually rise up and oust the unjust, corrupt and evil governments we have in the West. We all want food on the table, a job, a family, our health and above all to live in peace.

  22. kuba says at 25 May, 2018 13:48 #

    Ale niezła lufa,

  23. Bee Keeper says at 25 May, 2018 12:17 #

    @Teach the morons the truth, you speak the truth. several years ago I moved from America due to the government corruption, and bull of the country. America is no longer the country that I loved and served for. The best thing that America could do is remove themselves from the rest of the world.

  24. says at 25 May, 2018 11:47 #

    One very sexy-looking lady.

  25. Teach the morons the truth says at 25 May, 2018 10:29 #

    @Uncle Sam, firstly, may I correct you on one fact, I am British. You in the colonies may not be able to comprehend the Queen’s English due to your perverse corruption of the global language. This isn’t Hollywood, dipshit. The US didn’t win WWII, nor did they win Vitnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or any pathetic attempt at pushing US domination. You have a beautiful country. I lived for several years in Santa Barbara, and California (and the US) is beautiful. Your problem is you are very poorly educated as a nation (which is a deliberate government tactic). You think the world revolves around you and you’re exceptional. All you did was beat Russia to the moon (by a matter of days). After that it’s been all downhill for you. Your military tech is a joke that costs US taxpayers infrastructure, healthcare, education and true security. Your system of government is the most corrupt, retarded bunch of educationally sub-normal cretins to ever draw breath. There are some wonderful people in the USA just like there are all over the World. Russia doesn’t invade countries, I’m defends peace and sovereign of all nations. To quote the Department of Defense..sic (Defence is the correct spelling for the educated) “Russia believes in the sovereignty of all nations and the fundamental right of all nations to self determination. This is not acceptable to the United States”. (DoD 2017) Who died and made the US the guardian of what countries can decide and do? The US is the biggest threat to world peace. Your own President, Dwight Eisenhower warned against what’s happening now. CNN fanboys like you should look at the American Committee for East West Accord (east west and ask why Chuck Hagel (former US Secretary of Defense..sic) is now telling the truth about Crimea, Syria, Ukraine, and Libya, etc, etc. Chuck is joined by countless ex-Ambassadors, CEOs and luminaries to try and expose the war crimes perpetrated by the only major country which left the International Court of Human Rights, that isn’t a signatory to the Geneva Convention and is basically a massive bully with a picometric penis. Oh yes, as you may have gathered, by my ability to write fluidly I am a little bit better educated than the average American. $23 trillion (proper trillion, i.e. $23,000,000,000,000) of debt is about to come crashing down. Your greed, corruption and perversion of history, wanton destruction of peaceful people is coming to an end. Your joke military can do nothing about it except sit and cry. Watch as the world stops buying and selling oil in Dollars (which is why the US murdered Gaddafi) and your Mickey Mouse economy fails so badly you’ll be eating each other. The only chance for the US is if they trade on equal terms with the true superpowers, Russia and China. To be treated like equals is what every country wants, except the biggest pile of morons on the planet. I think you’ve been suitably schooled, Cowboy. (Did everyone notice that an English gentleman can express himself without using profanities, not so some from the US of Gay)! Yeeeha, ha ha ha ha!!!

  26. says at 25 May, 2018 08:46 #

    So cute

  27. Ace mannor says at 25 May, 2018 03:15 #

    What's ur #

  28. Snatch pounder says at 25 May, 2018 00:37 #

    Looks too young for me to enjoy and spank my monkey to.

  29. Uncle Sam says at 24 May, 2018 23:12 #

    You are literally an idiot to even try and compare that wasteland called Russia, Soviet Union or whatever the fuck you losers go by today! You can suck Uncle Sam's big dick! You just have Red, White & Blue Penis envy boy! Russian men die young because they lack intelligence and are mostly fat, lazy chain-smokers, who consume mass quantities of alcohol and food and are out-of-shape glutens! Got news for you dumbass, MANY, MANY Russian women still flock to America today, especially California. I know this firsthand so again, you're full of shit comrade! Got 3 of them at work and I'm banging one now and they like successful American rich men, cultured and educated, not losers like you pussies, that's exactly WHY they still come here in droves! America STILL the ONLY Super Power in the World! Don't get it twisted, we respect all and fear none! Start some shit and you will see firsthand! Here's a fact, NO AMERICAN girls EVER move to Russia! EVER! We got the finest women on the globe bar none. You can't compete there either Igor! Just like in the Olympics! America is still the No. 1 destination for immigrants. You don't hear anybody say, let's move to Russia, unless they're from the Middle East! You can have those cockroaches! Yeah, Russia's real civilized, when they're not invading small countries or hell bent on ruling the world! You are such an idiot! Bottom line, nobody over here is scared of you communist fucks! Want some, come get some!

  30. Toru says at 24 May, 2018 18:39 #


  31. Cum sponge says at 24 May, 2018 16:01 #

    Gorgeous eyes.

  32. pussyfan says at 24 May, 2018 09:39 #

    Wow, nice pussy! Bush and lips...

  33. says at 24 May, 2018 07:11 #

    Oh and another thing...they don’t need photoshop like the bloaters in the West. Their skins are perfect as is their smell. Russians eat properly. They don’t eat the shot diets forced on us by the greedy corporations. They eat food which they prepare themselves, and they might even grow themselves. They eat things like cottage cheese, kefir (a sort of sour milk full of good bacteria) and smeitana (another cultured dairy product). They look after their bodies by walking, playing sports and watching what they eat, not in terms of portion but the sort of poisons added to our food. Russian girls will also look after their man’s health too. So if you’re a less than perfect specimen that’s ok as long as you’re willing to change. It’s not because you’re not good enough, but because they want to share a long and happy life. Russian men die too young, which is why the girls will look to the UK and to Europe. Thanks to the morons that call themselves a government in certain countries, very few Russian girls now want to go to the land of the chicken shit (unless with a gun) which means more for us in the civilised countries!!

  34. says at 24 May, 2018 06:52 #

    One last thing, their biggest fault is posing for photos. Everywhere they go they have to pose, but they will open your eyes to the natural beauty around you. They’re also not jealous if you look at another girl because they’re stunning and have confidence. I watch porn with my wife and watch it on my own and it’s never a problem. The only thing is if you’re the jealous type you’ve got no chance, hence why it does work better if you’re their equal in looks. Russian girls are also highly educated, so a good education also helps.

  35. says at 24 May, 2018 06:46 #

    Great, just what the saddos on here need! A piece of lifeless plastic to pretend with. Save yourself the money and just get yourself a squeezy mayonnaise bottle rather than giving commission to someone for advertising this shite. Alternatively, you could go to Russia and try interacting with the best girls on the planet. Russian girls want stability. Looks are important to any woman, but to a Russian girl it’s not so important. However, if you’re rude, unintelligent, unhygienic, selfish, mean with your cash and lack compassion you’ve got no chance. Russian girls love romance. They love to be treasured and treated like a woman. They’re not like a lot of our women who have lost their femininity in pursuit of politically correct equality. Russian girls want families and to look after their men. They are the last bastion of decency in this US bullshit world. If you’re a decent human being and you’re not a gun loving moron, go to the World Cup, see what a truly exceptional country is really like and bring yourself a girl back. I promise, you’ll love every moment instead of wasting your money on something that won’t bring you true pleasure. I know because I’m married to one who is better looking than every single girl on here. Admittedly, I’m a premium specimen, but many of my wife’s friends are scraping the bottom of the barrel in many departments. However Russian girls aren’t like our girls who are little more than prostitutes. Russian girls love sex, but they don’t demand material things. They just want to love and be loved. Trust me, I know!

  36. says at 24 May, 2018 02:58 #

    She can have my cock

  37. dick wad says at 24 May, 2018 00:20 #

    Now that's the kind of present I want for my birthday.

  38. says at 23 May, 2018 23:32 #

    Love to fuck that pussy

  39. says at 23 May, 2018 23:31 #

    Love to eat that pussy all day

  40. says at 23 May, 2018 23:29 #

    Fuck your hot

  41. says at 23 May, 2018 11:55 #

    A body to die for.

  42. says at 23 May, 2018 06:03 #

    Stunning, what every banya (sauna) should have!

  43. S.saqi.s says at 23 May, 2018 04:57 #

    I am very found and hungry of this type pussy I want to merry daily isuck plz help me

  44. Ciota Locha says at 22 May, 2018 23:20 #

    Boys are better

  45. Ciota Locha says at 22 May, 2018 23:14 #

    I masturbate oneself 10 times today.

  46. says at 22 May, 2018 18:32 #


  47. Toru says at 22 May, 2018 17:21 #


  48. M says at 22 May, 2018 14:02 #

    Very nice you

  49. says at 22 May, 2018 05:14 #

    if the bike crashes there is a chance she will dye

  50. Vladimir says at 22 May, 2018 01:52 #

    Pretty Woman and Sweet Pussy

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