Love and sacrifice.

January 11th, 2017 admin

Very often love is only beautiful candy wrapper, but this is the sweetest core of that candy in fact. It is to differ love of childish girls and love of mature women. There is love is like in the movies and love as a rough reality, love as in the books and love in prose, love as in women’s magazines, and real love. It is much better to love somebody who actually and really exists, then to love someone who exists as a picture for the public. Let“s discover this with help of Amur Date.

The picture that people want to see and which is created more or less skillfully by experts of this field, by image-makers, who are just doing their job and who are absolutely immoral. People want to believe in a beautiful picture. And there are people who simply live in the real world. In this world there are two kinds of love: love for itself and love to somebody for having the relationship. Of course, there is love to yourself, but let’s drop it. The only question is, what love each of us believes in? Or he thinks he believes. Or he does not believe in anything, but simply lives. Without love. To believe, it is necessary to love for the sake of the relationship, to love one person. To believe in love means a mutual understanding each other. After all, a human needs a human, it’s simple.

Very often, such love requests sacrifices, because we live in the real rude and in many ways unfair world. Loving this way, there is a will to give all of you for your beloved person. So, love must be real, not abstract. Some people live on this earth, they seek and find their love Others feel they want to love and constantly they are looking for something that doesn’t exist, never existed and will never exist. It’s hard to find something that does not exist, isn’t it? In addition, it is nonsense to make sacrifices for what does not exist, as the jump from the roof in the name of love. There is an opinion that in order to understand love, you have to lose it. This opinion, of course, is not true initially. This is point of view of the weak and weak-willed people who prefer to spend the rest of their days in the dark not understanding and not knowing what is the nature of human beings and what should be the sense of the life. After all, if the object of love does exist, it is possible to describe and characterize this person. And if it is not possible to describe, it must be put in doubt, since it is not real. To understand love, is it possible?

Let’s analyze it. It is important to understand what you live for and why. To understand what is going on around us. Hiding behind the pathetic notion that love is too complicated for brain activity, it is passive and amorphous way of life. Love does not live without losses and sacrifices. It does not live without trust and mutual understanding. Without wish to sacrifice with something for the sake of the other, the life is poor and dull. Knowing that your beloved is always ready to give you as much as you can give, – give the reason to live and the life is full in this case. It is extremely selfish to make sacrifices without expectations for getting something back in return, because this is love for the sake of love and not for the sake of love relationships. Love for love is a beautiful phrase only, these are empty words, a sublime idea that is presented for some reason in many books for those who like “beautiful” actions. In this world there are two types of love. Millions people believe that love is a kind of jump from one roof to another, just because the jumper love it and does not need anything in return. Sacrifice is the reality of love, the living love. What is sacrifice? This is love indeed. Love does not exist without sacrifice. How can you tell that somebody loves, if he does not want to sacrifice? Respect, harmony, understanding: there all parts of a good relationship. But without readiness for sacrifices, this is only a kind of relationship, relationship without love. The greater sacrifice is, the greater is love. The only question is, what for is this sacrifice? For the sake of the relationship with your beloved, or for the sake of your own feelings? People think that love is like a bomb. It explodes and its fragments hit people nearby, causing wounds. Of course, after such explosion someone might leave this world, but someone can avoid lethal fragments. Wounds are healed and love is dead. Just habit. So many people think that love is only reflection of stories from movies and books. Not true. Love is real and it exists. True love never dies.

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